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Upcoming Atlanta Dog Training Classes

Puppy Kindergarten

For Puppies ages 7 - 16 weeks
Meets Wednesdays at 7:00 pm
Starts July 27th at
VCA Briarcliff Animal Clinic
4 classes for $175.

Basic Manners

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Group Dog Training Classes

Graduation Night for Puppy Kindergarten Class

It’s Graduation Night at a Puppy Kindergarten Class

Group Dog Training Classes Offered by Good Dog Atlanta

Puppy Kindergarten

For ages 7 to 14/16 weeks

Puppies are at a critical time of development and you will never be able to shape their personality as much as you can right now. Puppy K teaches basic control behavior and prevents problems before they start. It also provides puppies with much needed socialization and canine communication skills.

Group Puppy Training for Basic Manners

Canine Good Citizen Class

The Canine Good Citizen test helps your dog become a respected member of the community when he is trained to act mannerly at home, in public, and in the presence of other dogs.

Training for the test is fun, useful, and will help you and your dog develop a closer bond.

Canine Good Citizen

Canine Good Citizen (CGC), established in 1989, is an American Kennel Club program.

Basic Manners

Learn the skills to help you and your dog live happily together. This class focuses on positive reinforcement.

Behaviors addressed include:

  • Recall
  • Watch
  • Sit and Stay
  • Down and Down Stay
  • Go to bed or mat
  • Leash Walking
  • Jumping Issues
Basic Manners Graduation